Пробное членство истекает, я могу продолжать его использовать?

Answer: Yes.the bottom of the vpn list has permanently free lines.
Crossvpn is a free software, if you need to continue to trial vpn,Please make 5 Stars Review on google play (Your username is added to the end of Review),and then you click on the»menu -> guestbook» message in crossvpn
If you wish to charge: You can paypal,alipay, credit card payment: Payment URL is: https://pay.crossvpn.net

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Почему медленный доступ в Интернет через VPN?

crossvpn provide each vpn server speed are 100M-sharing networks. That is in an ideal network environment, download movies can reach 12M / S. The principle on internet I will not repeat them here. As long as you follow the «closer sooner, the sooner the better» principle to select the area you need to use vpn, you will have an optimal surfing experience. Why do I access the site is very slow it? I give an example: If you are in Japan, connecting France vpn, visit the U.S. site。 It is wrong. You should choose the U.S. vpn visit the U.S. site, this speed is the fastest.

slow access generally consists of the following reasons:

1, broadband operators (ISP): impact index * * * * *

VPN is the principle of an open public network virtual line, this line is encrypted safe. Although there is no way to view the vpn ISP data, but can affect the speed of the vpn to achieve deceive. If you find it difficult when using vpn connection is successful, it is generally due to operators in the sin. Third-party operators is particularly evident. Solution: Replace or other networks and operators negotiated.

2, Site Issues: Impact Index ****

I suggest you get high-quality website.

3, network quality: Impact Index ****

If you are in mainland China Tibet using third-party operators A, if you want to visit Germany www.a.com. Your access path (route) is this: A -> Tibet Backbone -> Sichuan Backbone -> Guangdong exported -> submarine cable -> France -> Germany. If you are in Guangzhou, with a backbone internet That path is shortened: Guangdong exported -> submarine cable -> France -> Germany.

So when you try to select the choice of ISP backbone operators: such as China Telecom, China Unicom, Greater China Telecom, PCCW and so on.

4, the mobile phone network speed: Impact Index * * *

Solution: We recommend broadband: more than 1M;

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Crossvpn Bank transfer

Sorry, Crossvpn currently only supports the Chinese currency and Hong Kong currency to pay!

Click get Bank Account

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VPN метод настройки

1、Установите пароль (или Android версии


2、Добавить VPN




После успешной посадки, будет предложено в панели уведомлений! Поздравляем вас с успешной посадки (1-3 раза, чтобы быть успешным)

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